Foot pain is pretty common in older men and women. Estimates on the number of people with foot pain range from 20 to 40 percent. If your dad is suffering from foot pain, he’s not alone. He may not be telling you about it, however.

It’s important to know if your dad is dealing with pain. Foot pain impacts mobility. If your foot hurts when you walk, why keep walking? Even though it’s better to keep working the foot’s muscles and joints, foot pain can make a walk painful and unappealing. Is that why your dad refuses to join you for walks?

Every adult should aim for 30 minutes of exercise each day. Your dad can’t let the pain in his foot keep him from getting enough exercise. Help him ease pain by discussing and managing these common complaints.

Sores and Cracks

Home Care Pearland, TX: Seniors and Foot Pain

Dry heels are a common complaint with the elderly. If the skin gets dry enough, it may crack and bleed. This is painful and increases the risk of infection.

Diabetics don’t always feel pain as the nerves in the feet stop working as well. Your dad may not notice an infection or sore until it’s badly infected and needs medical treatment. Someone needs to make sure he’s keeping his feet clean, dry, and moisturized to prevent cracks and sores. If there are any sores or cracks, they need to be disinfected and bandaged while they heal.

Ill-Fitting Shoes 

A shoe that doesn’t fit correctly can cause a lot of pain while walking. If there’s a lack of support, the muscles in the arch of the foot may stretch and cause pain with every step.

Shoes that fit too loosely and rub can lead to blisters that are painful and prone to infection if they rupture. Shoes that are too tight may pinch and cause sores or blisters.

Make sure shoes fit correctly. To do this, look for a specialty shoe store that does professional sizings. Once you know your dad’s true shoe size, try different brands to find the one that offers him the best support.

Improper Toenail Care 

If your dad’s toenails haven’t been trimmed straight across, he faces ingrown toenails. This painful condition can become so inflamed that an incision to remove the sharp edge must be made. Keeping the toenails cut evenly and filed to remove any uneven edges is important.

Has your dad been letting his toenails grow out because they’re too hard to trim? If that’s the case, the toenails may grow and curl. That can cut his skin, lead to infections, and cause a lot of pain.

He may need the help of a home care aide to arrange visits with a foot doctor. Caregivers can also help him trim his toenails as part of his grooming and personal care routine.

Schedule home care services like transportation, help with personal care and grooming, and appointment scheduling. Caregivers can remind your dad when it’s an appointment day, help him get ready, and drive him to his podiatrist for a regular foot exam. 

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