Do you need to find something to entertain your elderly loved one? Maybe they are tired of doing puzzles or playing the same games over and over. If this is the case, there are many great board game ideas that your elderly loved one might enjoy. These are games that you and home care providers can play with your elderly loved one, as well.


Home Care Pearland, TX: Board Games and Seniors

One of the best board games for the elderly is Scrabble. This is a word game, so it will help to keep your elderly loved one’s brain active. Your elderly loved one will have to adjust letters to make words. They will need to add up the points of the letters. This game will help improve your loved one’s communication, cognitive, and confidence skills, too.


Jenga is another one of the board games that would be great for your elderly loved one. This is a stacking board game. It has many benefits. This game promotes your elderly loved one’s fine motor skills and non-verbal reasoning.


Your elderly loved one might enjoy playing Qwirkle, as well. This game is made for 2-4 people. There are many ways that this game can help your elderly loved one. During this game, your elderly loved one will need to use strategy. They will need to think about their next move ahead of time.


Bingo is another game that might be good for your elderly loved one. Your elderly loved one will need to use their hand-eye coordination in this game. It is also good for their cognitive skills, too. Last, but not least, Bingo is great for socialization. This should be a 2 or more person game.


If your elderly loved one is up for it, chess might be a great game for them. This game has so many benefits for the elderly. It helps with brain growth. This is because your elderly loved one has to figure out what position to put their pieces in. They also have to think multiple moves ahead if they want to win.


These are some of the board games that would be great for your elderly loved one. Now that you know more about how these games would benefit your loved one, you can decide which ones to get. You might just want to get one of them or you might want to get all of them. It depends on what things your elderly loved one needs to work on and what types of games they enjoy the most, as well.

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9 Best Board Games for Seniors and the Elderly