Fun Activity Ideas for Someone with Dementia

Does your elderly loved one have any type of dementia? If so, it is important that they get to keep doing fun activities. Activities can help to keep your elderly loved one entertained. The activities can also keep your elderly loved one’s brain active. By doing that, the symptoms of dementia may lessen. The progression of the disease may slow down, as well.

Playing or Listening to Music

24-Hour Home Care in Sugar Land, TX: Fun Activities and Dementia

Music helps to calm people with dementia. For example, your elderly loved one might like to play a piano. Even if they can’t push the right keys for a song, just playing the instrument can be therapeutic. Your elderly loved one might relax more if they listen to music, as well. There are many songs that are calming. Many people with dementia often relax easier if there is jazz or soft music playing lightly in the background. You or one of the 24-hour home care providers may want to turn music on for your elderly loved one in the evening to calm them down before bed.

Making Art

There are so many types of fun art activities that your elderly loved one can do. Some of the best art activities include:

  • Finger painting
  • Making crafts with wooden sticks
  • Coloring
  • Drawing pictures with colored pencils or crayons

These are some of the best art activities for people with dementia. It’s okay if you don’t have time to do these with your elderly loved one. You can always have 24-hour home care providers do art with them.

Playing Games

Even though your loved one has dementia, they can still play games. There are also many fun games that you or a 24-hour home care provider can play with your elderly loved one. Some of the games they may be able to play and have fun with include:

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Checkers
  • Connect Four
  • Yahtzee
  • Go Fish

Depending on the severity of your elderly loved one’s condition, some games might be too difficult for them to play. However, you can find games for younger children that your elderly loved one might enjoy and be able to do. The home care providers may have some game ideas, too.


These are some of the fun activity ideas that you can do with your elderly loved one if they have dementia. Putting these activities into your elderly loved one’s schedule can help prevent boredom and keep their brain active, too.

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