Without enough water, your senior can very quickly become dehydrated, which can lead to other serious health issues. The problem is that drinking plenty of water isn’t always the most exciting thing to be doing, and your senior might resist.

Remind Her to Sip Before She Feels Thirsty

Elderly Care Houston, TX: Fluid Intake

Your senior’s thirst response may not be the same as it once was. In fact, most older adults don’t realize they’re thirsty, and therefore wait way too long to drink water. Encourage your senior to sip gradually throughout the day. She’ll drink more than she expects and she’s less likely to become dehydrated.

Include Low-sodium Broth as a Water Alternative

Lots of people don’t enjoy drinking plain water, especially all day long. Other liquids offer hydrating properties, too, but some of them may have more sugar or unnecessary ingredients than your senior needs. One option that she might enjoy is sipping low-sodium broths in between meals. These offer a lot of protein and are hydrating to boot.

Encourage Her to Drink a Full Glass of Water with Medications

If your senior takes medications, then it’s important that she takes her medications with a full glass of water. This is typically written right on the medication instructions, and for very good reason. Lots of medications might mean that your senior needs more than one glass of water. Encourage her to sip slowly and not to gulp, so that she doesn’t drink too much water or take in too much air.

She Needs More Water if She’s Exercising

An exercise plan is a great way to help your senior to maintain her weight, strengthen her bones, and slow down muscle loss. But she needs to be drinking a little bit more water if she’s exercising than she does if she’s being sedentary. The more your senior sweats, the more water she’s going to need.

Talk to Her Doctor about How Much Water Is Right for Her

Ultimately, the best place to start when setting a water goal with your senior is with her doctor. Her doctor can help you both to understand how much water your elderly family member needs ideally. This is something that she’s going to want to work up to, as the goal can feel pretty large at first.

Getting enough water helps to protect your senior’s health. If drinking water has always been a problem for her, stick with small goals and work together to find a way to reward her for progress. Prompts, both from you and from elderly care providers throughout the day, can help your senior to remember to drink more.

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