When an unlawful act is committed, it is expected to be addressed through the U.S. Criminal Justice System – consisting of the police, the courts, and the corrections system. However, this system is not perfect. It’s massively overpopulated – incarcerating over 25% of the world’s inmates while only accounting for 5 percent of the world’s population – and with the negative environment in our society today, a case can be made that there isn’t enough education and support in our communities. Prevention Zone, Inc. is doing something about it.

Founded in 2016 by Daphine Jack, a veteran Texas parole officer, Prevention Zone, Inc. is a family-run non-profit organization that’s focused on providing positive youth development programs & being a trustworthy advocate for individuals that have been wrongfully convicted and exonerated. A few of the ways that Prevention Zone, Inc. helps those that have been impacted through the U.S. Criminal Justice system include: providing a safe environment for our youth to gather; offering youth mentorships; and supporting families that have incarcerated members. Of all the different programs that are established at Prevention Zone, Inc., we intentionally wanted to help fund their Exonerated Reentry Program.

When a person has their conviction overturned and is then free to rejoin society, the readily available support for that individual and their family is limited at best. The Exonerated Reentry Program works hand-in-hand with its participants through an intentionally outlined master class that addresses 6 areas of life: technology; society; family & parenting; employment; finances; and time management.

For more information about Prevention Zone, Inc., or if you’d like to help be part of their criminal justice solution, please visit their website. You can also call (713) 396-3235 or email info@preventionzoneinc.com.