With Houston being the largest city in Texas, it makes sense that it has the state’s highest death rate. Averaging about 15,000 deaths per year, several Houstonians, including children, are left in dire need of assistance in dealing with their grief journey.


For over 30 years, Bo’s Place has been Houston’s premier grief support center, serving over 5,000 individuals (children, teens, parents/guardians, adults, and community members) annually at no cost to families. They deliver a variety of grief support programs in English and Spanish to the bereaved, as well as to those working to support the bereaved. Additional services include the Information and Referral Line (I&R Line), grief support groups, special programs for children and families, and community education and training for educators, medical professionals, human service personnel, and volunteers.


Most recent statics for the Houston area families that are receiving support services from Bo’s Place show the deaths to be 79% Parent/Guardian and 21% Children. Cause of Death percentages are indicated below:


Sudden Illness – 26.1%         Cancer – 25%
Accident – 13.2%                    Suicide – 10.4%
Chronic Illness – 10%           Homicide – 7.9%
Unknown Cause – 4%           Other – 3.4%


Impressed by their mission and operating philosophy despite the pandemic, Modern Vintage Home Care decided to partner with this amazing organization by donating needed supplies so families may continue their grief journey activities safely in their homes.


Remember, you do not have to be rich to make an impact! For as little as $20, you can secure supplies for a child to participate in a group activity; $50 can sponsor a 3- or 4-year-old for our Little Friends Support Group Program; and $100 can provide a Bo’s Place Welcome Packet (includes a T-shirt, stuffed puppy, grief literature and resources).


We are incredibly proud to partner with such a passionate organization! To learn more, visit Bo’s Place and see how you can help a grieving family in your community.