ClientPlus, our signature concierge service, offers a full range of non-medical senior services. Whether you have a medical appointment or need light maintenance done around the house, we are here for you. No matter what the task, we can provide a solution.

Bill Management

From setting up auto-pay for household bills to ensuring fraud protection for seniors, this service will be the eyes and ears for your loved one.

  • Set-up and manage monthly bill pay activity
  • Negotiate utility rates and other subscriptions
  • Manage and review bills to ensure overpayment verify current interest 
  • Provide education and solutions to address excessive spending due to boredom

Downsizing & Organization

This VIP service specializes in the planning and organization of our client's personal belongings. Whether preparing to downsize or just a better home organization, we will coordinate donations, recycling, and discard all unwanted items. Packing and unpacking service is available as well.

Handyman Services

No need to stress when issues arise with this service. We handle small household repairs and procure respectable companies for the larger ones on your behalf.  

  • Air filter changing or cleaning
  • Clogged toilet or drain
  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Light bulb replacement and more
  • Assist with interior and exterior holiday decorations 

Home Safety Inspection

Don't have tunnel vision when it comes to home safety. Let us provide a comprehensive 120 point inspection including both indoor and outdoor surroundings for ultimate peace of mind.

  • Review client’s assessment and ensure inspection addresses overall needs
  • Addressing adequate lighting both interior and exterior
  • Ensuring various entry landing areas have the necessary width

House Sitting

Traveling to see the kids for a while? Have no fear with this customized service. Whether you seek a complete home checkup or just the exterior, we will ensure your home is safe while you are away.

  • Full exterior walk-around to ensure no visible safety issues
  • Look for any sprinkler malfunctions that can cause standing water or landscape erosion
  • Potted plant check up, maintenance and watering
  • Interior check for air conditioning and heater malfunctions
  • Meet and be present for repairs while you are away

Personal Shopper

Whether you want to shop for clothing or gifts for that special occasion, we can assist, provide ideas, or handle the tasks on your behalf.

  • Ensuring client has necessary garments for daily living 
  • Garment recommendations for comfort and functionality 
  • Birthday, wedding or holiday shopping for family and friends
  • Special event shopping

Medical Escort

This VIP service specializes in door-to-door transportation for non-emergency ambulatory clients. We escort our clients to special treatments and/or doctor appointments for an extra set of eyes and ears for peace of mind.

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